Micro-Econometric modeling in Stata

Introduction to Micro-Econometric modeling in Stata

Objective of the course
The introduction to micro-econometrics also referred to as Micro-simulation course is intended for policy makers, researchers, students of applied economics and institution who intend to begin their career of using micro-econometric modeling. The course is based on the use of STATA software and makes use of cross-sectional data. The course also introduces advanced concepts of probability based models and also STATA codes required for policy analysis. However, it is plausible for prospectus participants to have done the introduction course or to have had exposure to the applied micro-econometric modeling in Stata. The details of the course, include;

  • Introduction to statistics, data collection and processing in Stata
  • Importing cross-sectional data to Stata software
  • Introduction to Stata codes for econometric modeling
  • Data tabulation and descriptive statistics
  • Hands-on data cleaning and preparation for simulation
  • Quantitative analysis using cross-sectional data
  • Regression modeling and residual tests in Stata
  • Step-by-step introduction to building econometric models in the Stata-do file
  • Policy simulation and interpretation of results

Mode of delivery
The micro-econometric modeling course is delivered through a hands-on approach and thus requires that participants attend all the training sessions. Participants will work in groups and shall be expected to make a presentation of their simulations results on the last day of the training workshop. Each participant is expected to come with his/her own individual laptop and mouse. For the online option, each participant is expected to submit answers to assignments on time to allow the course end within the specified period as extension could come with facilitation costs. Click here to apply or email application on apply@macrosolve.net