MacroSolve 2021

MacroSolve School of Economic Modeling offers training and consulting services in economic modeling and forecasting. The trainings offered are intended to bridge the empirical gap between economic theory and practice (policy). Most of the developing economies are transforming into middle income countries, which comes along with complexity in economic management. This calls for complex modeling and forecasting skills that are a cutting edge of the current era. Public and private institutions have now adopted robust tools for policy guidance and profit maximization. We come to build these tools as well as offer capacity building to practicing economists. MacroSolve offers programmes in CGE Modeling, DSGE Modeling, Econometric Modeling and SUT/SAM Multiplier modeling. We also build customized economic models for individual economies. All the courses are available both online and face to face workshops. We also offer in-house capacity building, advisory services and consultancy on policy guidance. At micro-level, we also offer modeling solutions to individual companies, with the objective of minimizing costs to maximize revenues.